Eclipse Typo Lunar


 There's a lot of folks out here straight shuckin' and jivin'    

      I'll be un tucking my nine iron (FOUR)  

      You better hit the floor     

                                                     Can't go out and have a good time no more (Oh LORD}                                                                                                                                                          There them boyz go again shooting up the club                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Better duck  (AH DAMN)                                                                                                Another bystander just ran out of luck     

 Times up    

 Ain't nobody talkin      

 People think its fucked up   

 Just another product of oppression and the police never gaining trust     

 You can't say you'd do it different cause you sit up on your high horse       

 Silver spoon     

 Them boyz might just come pay you a visit   

   A rambunctious, rowdy bunch of muthaf@#%kas    

 A quick to smash and grab havoc having bunch of muthaf@#%kas       

You feel me     

 I don't really think you're ready to get filthy     

Pass me my nine milly (pass me my nine milly)       

 Smokin' on that green crunchy      

 Now comes the munchies      

 I puff so much      

 I look like a gremlin       

 World ain't spinning stuck frozen like a mummy      

 Hold up correction      

 My aggression be'z a collection of lessons learned I reckon       

Get the wrecking ball rollin' chin checkin' like Tekken     

  Imma kungFu hoes      

          Hitting all time highs and new lows       

Ahoy there she blows      

 But I ain't gon' do it    

 Now ya see me now ya don't      

Gone like Eclipse Type Lunar